Towards a clean label with Foodiq
One of Foodiq’s goals is to produce clean and healthy but great tasting food. Clean label means a product that has only natural ingredients in it, no E numbers, meaning food additives or other processed components. Our Kitchen Lan is specialized in turning food products into cleaner and greener ones.
Why to get rid of E numbers?

Consumers today are getting more and more informed of how e-codes can have negative effects on one’s health. They know now better that they should put their money into natural instead of processed food. Processed food typically has long shelf life but it is fully packed with E numbers and does not necessarily taste too good.

Problems with digestion are now more common than a couple of decades ago, this must have something to do with the food we eat. This is also something that a food producer should take into consideration. We have the chance to provide healthy food to consumers and help them to understand better what healthy, clean food means.

Many additives come from natural sources, but they have to go through a chemical process that isolates the substance that can be given an E number. These processes are usually not transparent, so we do not always know what happens in them. And the biggest problem: we do not know, how the essence of the natural product changes during the process and how it affects the human body after that.

There are many E numbers that have been stated dangerous and banned, but usually these processes last long. So, the best way to eat healthy food is to choose clean labels.

Towards a clean label

We at Foodiq get rid of E numbers by adding more of the real substance in our recipes, and we have the right technology for turning the recipes into products. Fruits for example have the sweetness, taste and great colors in them. You do not have to have artificial ingredients to get your pudding to taste good, but a proper amount of fruit.

We have developed vegan products that have no artificial ingredients and are seasoned with natural flavors. This is a unique innovation and we can help you to take the E numbers out of your product, too and turn it into a clean label.
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