We are ready to craft your next idea!
Foodiq has wide span of customers, both Nordic and global – from established, large food companies to all-new start-ups. And we can offer them all that they need in product development, as Foodiq´s R&D, Kitchen Lab is interested in all kinds of customers’ needs.
A solution for any company

For even the smallest start-ups we can offer a turnkey solution – we can turn your idea of a new food product into reality without heavy investments. And we have the capacity to help you grow further. A good example of a customer like this is Chia Food Company, you can learn more about their journey here. ChiaBuddy is the first oat-based chia pudding in Europe and was developed from scratch with us. We are ready to make other groundbreaking innovations, too!

For the bigger companies, we can offer efficient production lines – a dairy line for plant based puddings, creams, smoothies, etc., and a dry line for superfoods, protein powders, etc.

What do you need for product development?

As Foodiq has got all the knowledge that is needed, you as a customer do not need to know a thing when you turn to us. All you need is to tell us about your idea and we can make it happen. We have the information about your customers and the market, about branding and what is required by the authorities.

The amount of the investments depends on the project. With every client, we start the work by assessing what needs to be done to hit the goal. You can always turn to us for an estimate.

If a new food product is needed quickly and is not complicated, it is possible to get the first sample within a couple of weeks and the product can be ready for sales in a few months. Naturally, there are also wider processes that take longer, but we are willing to take on the challenge with them, too.
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