Made in Foodiq: Plant-based fermented gurt 
A ready-made “yogurt” base which is adaptable in many ways for your use - you are welcome!
Foodiq has developed its own plant-based gurt concept from which we prepare products for the needs of our customers.

Foodiq’s gurt base can be used to produced drinkable, spoonable, as well as greek-style snack products. The concept represents what Foodiq can offer at its best: high-quality plant-based products from natural raw ingredients. Base can be made from oats, buckwheat, you name it.

Why a ready-made gurt base?

* quick R&D project from an idea to a ready product
* a ready product family or a single product
* gurt base adapts to many different formats
* clean label, natural and healthy product

Tasty and healthy gurt

Taste and texture are most valued by customers when they select a plant-based product. Foodiq has paid special attention to this factor in their fermented gurt base.
43% of respondents considered the product’s pleasant taste to be one of the most important purchase criterion for the product.
Foodiq’s consumer research 2022
Thanks to Foodiq's production line designed for plant-based products, the quality criteria of each product are high without compromising on things valued by end-users, such as taste, texture, or healthiness.

A whole product family can be created from a one gurt base with different tastes and textures.

Taste options:
* Fruits (apple, mango, pineapple etc.)
* Berries (raspberry, strawberry, blueberry etc.)
* Layering, for example vanilla-berry

Foodiq focuses on the naturalness of the R&D and production of plant-based products. That's why the sweetness of gurt base products also comes from real berries and fruits, without artificial sweeteners or additives. Familiarize with Foodiq's production and fermentation.
From an idea to a finished product
Are you looking for a new territorial conquest in the field of plant-based snacks? Are you thinking of expanding your own brand? Are you looking for new business from a side stream of your business? Foodiq's ready-made plant-based gurt concept bends to your wishes. You can get everything from product development to production and all the way to packaging from us.

For example, the following package sizes can be produced from Foodiq’s production:

* Sustainable, fiber cups 100-400g. Cup diameter 95 mm. Recommended manufacturers ArtaPlast and Paccor
* Gable top packages with or without plastic cap - 350 ml, 500 ml, 750 ml and 1000 ml. Package manufacturer FillGood

Foodiq’s plant-based dairy products generally are chilled and have a shelf life of 60 days. Product can also be made gluten-free.

We have created a foundation for your future success product. Get in touch and tell us your wishes! Foodiq sales will be happy to give you more information and examples of our gurt products:

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