Under the tagline ”good things cooking”, Farmers & Chefs are on a mission to make plant-based cooking the natural choice in the everyday kitchen.
Driven by a passion for tasty, healthy, climate friendly food, they offer alternative cooking and baking products with the same great taste, texture and consistency as the originals.
Co-founded by award-winning chef Niklas Ekstedt, Farmers & Chefs work closely with a team of chefs to find the best taste and cooking qualities, as well as with carefully selected Nordic farmers to ensure the best crops and more sustainable farming.

Farmers & Chefs turned to us at Foodiq to develop and produce their alternative dairy range, an assignment we earned based on our proprietary clean label technology, experience in plant-based food and flexibility with packaging solutions.

In our Kitchen Lab, we set out to create the best tasting plant-based cooking products ever. Through a unique research and development process, we were able to create cleaner formulas for oat-based cream and oat-fraiche, with fewer ingredients than any comparable products. The result? Much better taste, cleaner and long shelf life. In fact, in the consumer testing phase, Farmers & Chefs won the taste test against competitors every time. Putting taste first and truly redefining the plant-based cooking category.

As Farmers & Chefs is a young, fast-moving startup, it was also a good match with our innovative approach and flexible way of working. We continue to explore the next generation of tasty cooking products together, meeting to cook up new ideas in our Kitchen Lab every week.
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