Launched in 2020, Inika Superfoods is a fast-growing modern wellness brand on a mission to bring modern holistic health to the forefront of DTC lifestyle brands.
Inika offers convenient and Earth-friendly food with great taste and low planetary impact, ready to be enjoyed anywhere in no time. Products include premium plantshakes (with fruits and plant proteins ready to be shaken with your choice of liquid) and superfood bars that combine nourishing nuts, fruits and chocolate, with no added sugar.
With a shared sustainability approach to both life and business, Inika turned to Foodiq to develop a range of dry smoothie mixes (plantshakes), with natural ingredients addressing different functional benefits, such as skin and hair glow, calmness and grounding, or detoxing.

Inika’s agile innovation approach relies heavily on listening to their community, managing feedback and iterating, something that fit well with our flexible way of working at Foodiq. Together, we have spent many inspiring hours, days and weeks in our Kitchen Lab, testing and trying, adapting and perfecting, at a fast pace – and at factory scale.

As Inika has a strong growth agenda, both in terms of product range and geographical expansion, our large production capacity at Foodiq was another reason the collaboration has been so successful. We continue to work closely together, helping Inika scale as they ramp up their range and reach.
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