Vegan protein - the future of sports nutrition
Vegan protein is getting more and more common in sports nutrients but the most common in the market is still whey protein that is isolated from milk. What kind of alternatives do we as producers have to offer for vegans when they want to train and gain some muscle?
How and why manufacture vegetarian protein?

Vegan protein for protein powder is usually isolated from rice, peas, or hemp. Also, oat, nuts, and seeds are used as a source. There are plenty of alternatives even if you have allergies. Also new solutions comes to market.

Why the non-vegetarian options are still on the top even if the vegetarian options are so well developed now? Nowadays they are quite easy to produce but sometimes the price matters. When both veganism and the demand for dietary supplements rise, the companies and brands should add vegan options into their selection, and a knowledgeable partner is valuable in conquering a new field.

How can Foodiq help you?

Foodiq knows vegan protein and has over 10 000 ready recipes you can choose from. We are a forerunner in vegan food when it comes to dietary supplements and snacks. We prefer to use only natural sweeteners and colors and produce everything without E numbers. That means – we can make the products natural.

Caroliina Kinnarinen, our Key Account Manager talks about how a new protein product is usually developed in Foodiq’s Kitchen Lab: “It all starts with a product brief where customer tells what kind of expectations they have for the product. That means, what kind of nutritional content and substances it should have, how it should it mix with water, should it be liquid or not, how it should taste etc. We have so many options, that basically anything is possible”.

“We start our work with the product brief by making a test batch and giving a sample to our customer for their testing. If there are any changes required, we keep on working with the product until the client is happy with the result”, says Caroliina.

What kind of protein supplements do you usually develop or produce, Caroliina? “Well, the most wanted vegan protein products are protein powders, pre-workout, and post-workout drinks. We make also products for all kinds of people who want to take care of their well- being and eat healthy, such as meal replacements, superfoods, and products for a ketogenic diet.”

Whether your company already has a vegan protein product in selection and want to make it better or you are planning to have one, you can turn to Foodiq. We have the R&D and production lines you need for healthy and tasty products.
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