Spoothie - From waste to delicacy
Developed and produced by Foodiq. Spoothie is an excellent example of how food productions side stream can be converted into a business with the right know-how.
Everything began from the leftovers from the Finnish Virtasalmen Viljatuote mill operation: dark buckwheat groats that had been used to feed the deer in the nearby forest. The story tells that the nutrient-rich buckwheat groats had made the local deer population a little too healthy. So, at the end of 2021, the phone rang at Foodiq's office and the challenge was thrown to develop a plant-based product for the market from wasted buckwheat.

We accepted the challenge and took the Kitchen Lab into use.
”We went to try if it would be possible to extract milk from buckwheat groats. And it worked!”
Mikko Koski, product development manager
Buckwheat snack Spoothie was born, and it was already in early summer 2022 in Spain for the international fair audience to taste – just 6 months after the challenge was presented. At the same Free From Functional Food & Health Ingredients Expo, Spoothie won the Product of the year 2022 award.

Buckwheat snack Spoothie:
- Vegan
- Gluten free
- Fermented
- Excellent nutritional values
- Made from milling processes by-product
- Ecological

Unlike a pure product development company, Foodiq can guarantee that the product is also suitable for industrial production as well. Spoothie was developed from the beginning to suitable for production lines.

Are side streams generated from your company’s production? What plant-based product would you want to launch next summer? Give us a challenge!

Foodiq sales will be happy to give you more information and examples of Foodiq’s product development projects:

PS: Spoothie will be available in selected stores in Finland starting from October 2022. You can find more information of the Spoothie from here.
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