Fabea+ lifts your product to the spotlight
Foodiq worked with fermented fava beans to develop the Fabea+ powder, which is a healthy and versatile raw material for new food innovations. We are now looking for partners to create a business with us that benefits both people and the planet.
Developed by Foodiq, Fabea+ is a food industry raw material made from fermented fava beans. Fabea+ is available in its powder form as well as in blocks, pieces and grit, which is why it can be used in diverse ways for meat substitutes, such as hamburger patties, nuggets and sausages, as well as for gluten-free baking, dairy products, pasta-type dry products, crisps and other snacks.

Fabea+ is a smart choice for the farmer and the planet. Fava bean is an extremely good crop, as it can bind nitrogen from the air, reducing the need for fertilisers. In addition, growing fava beans leaves the soil in better condition.

Foodiq wants to encourage farmers to grow fava beans, to which end we have built a farming co-operative model for Fabea+. With it, we ensure that the fava beans used to make Fabea+ are first-class, while paying the farmers a higher price than they would get by growing fava beans for animal feed, which is where a large part of the harvest still goes.

In the Fabea+ production process, fava beans are peeled, soaked, heated and cooled, fermented and pasteurised. The heating step destroys the toxic substances in the fava beans, and the fermentation neutralises their taste and smell while creating Fabea+’s stomach-friendly bacterial population.

The actual innovation of the manufacturing process is the equipment, developed specifically for Fabea+ production, with which the business model can be duplicated anywhere in the world. Fabea+ powder keeps for a year without the need for refrigeration.

There are already a lot of different fava bean preparations on the market, but Fabea+ differs from them with its neutral taste. There is no need to separately mask the characteristic flavour of the fava bean with additional flavourings and additives. The end product can be seasoned the right way, right away. For the same reason, Fabea+ would have its place in the most diverse new food innovations.

Especially among younger consumer groups, taste is the most important factor influencing the purchase decision in the vegetable proteins market. More mature consumers, on the other hand, appreciate the products’ healthiness in addition to their taste. Fabea+ addresses both of these needs.

With Fabea+, Foodiq wants to offer the entire food industry ecosystem the opportunity to make better and more responsible food.
We are now looking for partners among the food industry innovators who want to develop new types of products made for the needs of the consumers of today and tomorrow, manufactured on the terms of the well-being of both people and the planet.

With Fabea+, you can make good-tasting, responsible and affordable products that have the right nutritional values. And the best part is that the neutral-tasting Fabea+ will not steal your show, but gives your product the chance to shine.

Fabea+ is available in a limited quantity, so if you are interested in co-operation, visit the Fabea website and contact our sales team.

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